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Things I don't like about my MacBook Pro

I have recently started a new job and for the first time in my life I now have a MacBook. So far I cannot say that I am particularly whelmed by the machine.

  • The Thunderbolt implementation is crap.
    • MacOS frequently crashes after plugging into my dock which I’ve never had issues with before.
    • I had to use a strange workaround to get multi-monitor support over a single port because macOS doesn’t implement DisplayPort MST.
    • Sometimes one monitor still isn’t recognised properly which means I have to re-plug which increases the chances of a crash.
    • Never allows me to login after cold boot using an external monitor.
  • Other peripherals break. (These could also be due to the Thunderbolt being crap though).
    • 50% of the time I cannot wake my computer with my mouse, meaning I have to open the lid just to wake it up and then close it again.
    • My keyboard will sometimes become super laggy which I can fix by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.
    • My Canon camera often isn’t recognised over USB. This makes the beginning of Zoom calls very fraught. (Could be a Canon issue but my other experiences don’t make me feel generous about giving Apple the benefit of the doubt.)
  • The desktop experience is archaic.
    • No native ability to snap windows to sides of screens.
    • Native task switching behaviour (cmd+tab) switches apps and not windows.
    • Window previews through the dock require a “Force Click” which I cannot do with my ergonomic mouse.
    • I have to mount a disk to install software? And then I have to unmount it myself when I am done?
    • Home and End keys are usually (but not always) pointless.
    • I can’t tell if I am using ethernet except by going into system preferences.

That’s not to say it is all bad. I like the touchpad. I like having a Unix based OS for the kind of work I do. I like how the pointer gets big when I wiggle it. Of course some of my complaints are also a little subjective. However, that doesn’t mean the switch hasn’t been an incredibly frustrating experience.

I’m not sure the complaints list for my last Windows laptop would be much smaller though…

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