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Obfuscating email addresses with flexbox

Scammers like to trawl the internet searching for poor defenseless email addresses, ripe for the spamming. Many ways have been used to try and obfuscate emails and keep them safe like escaping every character or attaching javascript that will generate the email when needed. Here I present my solution that uses flexbox.

Flexbox allows you to change the order of items inside a containing element, we can use this to separate and reorder parts of our email address in the html but present them to the user as a legible whole.

{% highlight html %} div { display: flex; flex-direction: row-reverse; justify-content: flex-end; }

Here we use flex-direction: row-reverse to reverse the order of the elements. It will look like this:

A scammer could probably work this out if he tried hard, all he has to do is reverse the elements to recreate the address. For a more thorough attempt we can specify the order manually.

{% highlight html %} div { display: flex; }

Here we use order to specify our own order so a simple reverse cannot be used. It will look like this:

Unfortunately doing any of this breaks copy/paste so your user will have to type out the address, but it is better than receiving correspondence from another Nigerian prince.

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